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Ldhb not only has equipment manufacturers, but also has established an after-sales service team.

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Our accessories have complete specifications, which can meet the needs of all kinds of machinery.

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modular screen panel Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh

Polyurethane fine screen screen can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction and o…

polyurethane-arc-screen Polyurethane Arc Screen Plate

Polyurethane arc screen plate using thermoplastic polyurethane elastic material integrated molding. …

polyurethane-tension-screen Polyurethane Tension Screen

Application of polyurethane tension screen Polyurethane tension screen is widely used in coal, elect…

Polyurethane slot screen plate Polyurethane Slot Screen Plate

The application of polyurethane seam screen Polyurethane seam screen is widely used in mining, metal…

stainless steel vibrating screen mesh Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen Mesh

The stainless steel vibrating screen mesh is usually made of SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel. Stain…

Perforated Vibrating Screen Mesh Perforated Vibrating Screen Mesh

Perforated vibrating screen mesh is also known as punching mesh. The perforated vibrating screen mes…

trommel screen mesh Trommel Screen Mesh

There are two types of trommel screen meshes: wire woven trommel screen mesh and perforated trommel …

modular screen panel Modular Screen Panel

The modular screen panel is made of polyurethane-coated steel bars, which increases the strength of …

vibrating screen mesh Vibrating Screen Mesh

Vibrating Screen Mesh Introduction The vibrating screen mesh is mainly used for circular vibrating s…

reducer Reducer

The reducer uses all levels of gear transmission to reduce the speed of various equipment. Reducers …

vibrating screen exciter Vibrating Screen Exciter

The vibrating screen exciter is mainly composed of a box, gear, driving shaft, eccentric block, and …

ac motor Variable Frequency AC Motor

This AC motor is a kind of variable-frequency adjustable speed ACVariable frequency adjustable speed…


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rubber spring
The Function Of Vibrating Screen Rubber Spring

Rubber springs can achieve a shock-absorbing effect during the operation of the vibrating screen. Rubber springs have larger internal resistance and lower noise…

steel spring
The Function Of Damping Spring Of Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screens screen materials through the combined action of attachments. The damping spring in the vibrating screen is the buffer device between …

steel spring
The Selection And Design Of Vibrating Screen Springs

Spring can produce large elastic deformation under load and is widely used in various types of machinery. The main functions of springs are to control the movem…

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