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Polyurethane Tension Screen

Polyurethane tension screen is a square or rectangular mesh product that made of the imported polyurethane material. It generally using square or long circular sieve. Polyurethane tension screen is suitable for processing fine, sticky, wet and other difficult sieve material, especially easy to plug the screen material. Relaxation screen can achieve very high screening efficiency with relatively small screen area, and ensure that the screen is not blocked.

Application of polyurethane tension screen

Polyurethane tension screen is widely used in coal, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries of fine ore material classification screening. Polyurethane relaxation screen is especially suitable for screening fine, sticky, loose, difficult to screen materials. It greatly simplifies the process flow of coal washing industry and improves the economic benefit.

The characteristics of polyurethane tension screen

1. Polyurethane tension screen adopts imported polyurethane material, has better wear resistance than ordinary polyurethane screen.

2. Polyurethane tensile screen is elastic. The screen surface expands and contracts continuously at a rate of 800 times per minute, resulting in high acceleration. So polyurethane screen is difficult to plug holes.

3. High pore size ratio, large processing capacity, high screening efficiency.

4. Light weight, screening machine load is small, long service life.

5. Polyurethane tension screen greatly reduces the late maintenance and replacement, improve economic benefits.

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