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Polyurethane Arc Screen Plate

Polyurethane arc screen plate is mainly used for pre-dehydrating, desliming and mediating materials in concentrator, as well as slime recovery in coal preparation plant. It can also be used with water cyclone for grading, dewatering, desliming and mediating fine grained materials. There are mainly HS series arc screen, HSJ type pressure arc screen and YSH type overflow arc screen.

Polyurethane arc screen plate using thermoplastic polyurethane elastic material integrated molding. Polyurethane arc screen plate solves the problem of short service life of arc screen and low screening efficiency. The supporting frame body and the screen mesh are cast twice to form an integral structure. The supporting frame body is made of polyurethane. The supporting frame body of polyurethane arc sieve plate is composed of transverse support bars and longitudinal support bars. Transverse skeleton and longitudinal skeleton are embedded in the transverse support bars and longitudinal support bars respectively. The screen plate comprises a frame and a plurality of transverse basking strips and a plurality of longitudinal basking strips connected to the inner edge of the frame.

Polyurethane arc screen by the package Angle 45 degrees, 60 degrees radius of curvature 2030MM screen box. Arc screen surface, screen frame using the pivot structure, can rotate 180 degrees, prolong the service life of screen surface. The arc screen realizes the position switch of the feeding end and the discharging end, so as to achieve uniform wear, extend the applicable life, flexible and convenient operation. It has also been applied in metallurgy, chemical industry and so on.

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