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Sand washing machine with hydrocyclone for sale

Date: 2021-03-10     From: Longding     Author: admin

The cyclone technology is adopted on our multi-functional sand washing machine to recycle fines on the basis of common sand washing machine, and achieves the effect of multi-purpose machine. The role of cyclone in sand washing system is mainly grading, concentration and deliming. Sand and water mixture is pumped to cyclone, which separates sand and water perfectly. Then water is discharged, and sand is dehydrated by dewatering sieve. This achieves reasonable gradation of finished sand , and greatly improves the quality of finished product.

The principle of cyclone is simple centrifugal sedimentation. When separate muddy water and fines, a strong turbulent motion is generated between each other from the periphery to inside of cyclone. Then the generated particles between each particle caused difference centrifugal force of each particle. And finally the sedimentation occurs, coarse and fine particles reach the purpose of classification.

Structure of cyclone

Cyclone is a common classification and separation device. The upper part is a cylinder and lower is a cone, which consists of a cylinder, a cone, a feed pipe, an overflow pipe, a sinking nozzle, etc.

1. Cylinder. The size of inner diameter indicates the nominal size of cyclone. If inner diameter of cylinder is 300mm, the nominal inner diameter of cyclone is 300mm.

2. Cone cylinder. The cone angle is generally 15°-20° for separating.

3. Tube for feeding slurry. Sand water mixture to be separated enters cyclone. In order to improve the motion state in cyclone, the separation effect is improved. The structure of cyclone feed tube has many forms.

4. Overflow pipe. The treated tail water is discharged from overflow pipe.

5. Apex spray. The solid particles that recycled by cyclone are discharged through apex spray. In order to improve separation effect, the diameter of bottom outlet of apex spray is adjustable.


1. Classification

Mainly refers to the classification of particle size between 3-0.074mm. At this point, suitable diameter and angle of cyclone should be used. Due to the smaller height of cyclone, the centrifugal force is lower and coarser particles can enter the overflow.

2. Desanding

It’s aim to obtain pure sand, with as little impurities as possible. Large diameter, short tube, and large vertex angle cyclones should be used, and work under low concentration and low pressure conditions. This can achieve a full mixing and rinsing effect.

3. Desliming

The purpose is to remove mud from sand. At this moment, a long cylinder and a small cone angle cyclone should be used. And work at low concentrations to separate fine particles at lower centripetal flow rates.

4. Concentrate

The purpose is to obtain high concentration of sand for next step. Using large diameter, large vertex angle water cyclone, and properly reduce the sedimentation and work under high concentration conditions.



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