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submersible slurry pump

Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible slurry pump uses high-tech wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment and reduces the maintenance frequency.

The unique pressure balance between the inside and outside of the mechanical seal can greatly prolong the service life of the mechanical seal.

Submersible Slurry Pump Introduction

Submersible slurry pump is suitable for conveying slurry containing abrasive particles such as sand, cinder and tailings. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, river dredging, sand pumping, municipal engineering and other industries.

The submersible slurry pump has the advantages of easy installation and movement, high slag pumping efficiency, and long-term safe operation under adverse conditions. It is an ideal choice to replace the traditional vertical pump.

Advantages of submersible slurry pump over common slurry pump:

1. Not limited by suction head, high efficiency of slag suction and more thorough desilting.

2. All flow passage parts are made of wear-resistant alloy with long service life.

3. There is no need to equip with auxiliary mixing or spraying device, so it is easier to operate, less investment and quick effect.

4. The impeller is in direct contact with the deposition surface, and the concentration can be controlled by the depth of submergence, so the concentration can be controlled more freely.

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