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fx660 hydrocyclone

FX650 Hydrocyclone Set

Capacity: 237~524 m³/h

Feed Size: <16mm

Model: FX650


Hydrocyclone is a kind of equipment that uses centrifugal force to classify slurry. Because there are no moving and power parts, it needs to be equipped with corresponding slurry pump. It is mainly used for classification, dehydration and desliming in mineral processing production.

The water enters from the upper part of the structure (or metal pipe) along the tangent line by pressure or gravity. Under the action of centrifugal force, the coarse and heavy particles are thrown to the wall and rotated downward to discharge together with the formed thick liquid. The smaller particles rotate to a certain extent and then discharge with the secondary up swirl.

FX650 Hydrocyclone Set Features

1. Simple structure, easy to install and operate.
2. Small size, less floor area, easy to transport.
3. Large capacity and low operation cost.
4. Fine particle size and high classification efficiency.
5. It can be used in parallel or series to improve the classification efficiency and processing capacity.
6. Automatic control can be adopted.
7. The use of polyurethane wear-resistant material greatly improves the service life.

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