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The reducer relies on gears of different diameters to reduce the speed.

The reducer uses all levels of gear transmission to reduce the speed of various equipment. Reducers are generally used in low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment. Through the gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer meshing with the large gear on the output shaft, the motor or other high-speed running power achieves the purpose of deceleration.

The functions of the reducer

The reducer includes two-part functions, deceleration, and driving. Driving refers to converting the power output into force on the object during the transmission process. Because the power source cannot use too large gears, the tachometer is used for driving instead of the direct driving of the power source. And the pinion cannot provide enough thrust because the speed is too fast. The use of pinions is likely to cause damage to the gear unit.

The working principle of the reducer

The small gear on the input shaft meshes with the large gear on the output shaft to complete the speed reduction. When the gears mesh with each other, the actual rotation of the gears is the same, and the circumferences of the large and small gears are different, so the speed of the gears is different. The reducer uses this principle to complete the deceleration function.

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