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4 Kinds Of Commonly Used Materials For Steel Springs

Date: 2024-01-05     From: Longding     Author: admin

The selection of spring materials should have higher strength, higher elasticity, impact toughness, plasticity, load properties, usage, good heat treatment processability, etc. The steel springs are widely used, including carbon spring steel, low manganese spring steel, silicon manganese spring steel, and chromium vanadium steel.

steel spring

1. Carbon steel spring

Carbon steel spring materials have the advantages of cheap price and abundant raw materials. The disadvantage is that it has low elasticity, easily loses elasticity after repeated deformation, and cannot work properly at 130 degrees.

2. Low manganese spring

Compared with carbon spring steel, low manganese spring steel (such as 65Mn) has the advantages of good hardenability and high strength. The disadvantage is that it is prone to cracks and thermal brittleness after quenching. But because of its low price, it is often used to make smaller springs, such as clutch springs.

3. Silicon manganese spring

Due to the addition of silicon (such as 60Si2Mn), the elastic limit of steel can be significantly increased and the tempering stability is improved. Therefore, it can be tempered at higher temperatures to obtain good mechanical properties. Silicon manganese spring steel is widely used in industry and is generally used to manufacture coil springs for automobiles and tractors.

4. Chrome vanadium steel spring

The purpose of adding vanadium (such as 50CrVA) to steel is to refine the structure of the steel and improve the strength and toughness of the steel. This material has good impact resistance and can work reliably in temperatures from -40 degrees to 210 degrees, but it is more expensive. Chrome vanadium steel springs are mainly used in high-demand applications, such as springs used in manufacturing aerospace engine control systems.



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