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The Cleaning Method Of Diaphragm Filter Press Filter Cloth

Date: 2024-06-28     From: Longding     Author: admin

Filter presses are used to separate solids from liquids. The long-term operation causes the filter cloth to be in contact with the filter material for a long time, and coupled with strong pressure, more and more solid particles will adhere to the filter cloth. After the diaphragm filter press has been used for some time, the filter cloth needs to be cleaned. How to clean the filter cloth correctly and effectively?

filter press cloth

At the same time, the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press is woven by a tightly pierced processing method. Due to the special structure of the filter cloth, solid particles that penetrate the filter cloth are not easy to discharge. Once these particles accumulate, the filter pores of the filter cloth will be blocked, and the filtration efficiency of the filter cloth will naturally decrease greatly.

Manual cleaning. Remove the filter cloth from the membrane filter plate and soak it in water. The effect will be better if it is soaked in warm water. After soaking for an hour, you can rub it repeatedly with your hands, and add detergent. You can also use a brush to gently brush away the impurities on the filter cloth. After brushing it clean, rinse it with clean water. The above is the cleaning method of ordinary filter cloth. If the filter cloth filters acidic or alkaline chemicals, it cannot be cleaned in this way.

Before cleaning, you should first understand the characteristics of the filter cloth and the filtrate, to choose the corresponding cleaning method. When the filtrate is acidic, choose weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth. Generally, soak for 10 to 24 hours. Then gently rub the filter cloth several times wash it with clean water, and then dry it until it is 90% dry before using it again.

The above is the cleaning method of the filter cloth of the membrane filter press. Different cleaning methods are used according to the different properties of the filter cloth and the material.



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