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How To Choose Filter Cloth For Filter Press?

Date: 2024-06-13     From: Longding     Author: admin

The selection of filter cloth for the filter press should be based on the properties of the filtered material, that is, the stripping, chemical and physical properties of the material. The properties of the filter material are an important factor in selecting filter cloth for filter press, accounting for more than 75%.

palte and frame filter press cloth

How To Choose Filter Cloth For Filter Press?

1. Separability of filter residue

The separability of filter residue directly affects the working efficiency of the filter press. The surface of the filter residue is smooth, and the filtrate will quickly seep out of the filter cloth. The filtration time is short and the efficiency is high. On the contrary, if the filter residue is sticky, the filtration time will be long and the efficiency will be reduced. At this time, you should choose monofilament filter cloth or satin woven filter cloth.

2. Acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate

Select filter cloths with different acid and alkali grades according to the acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate. The most acid-resistant is polyester filter cloth. The most alkali-resistant is vinyl on filter cloth. The most acid- and alkali-resistant is polypropylene filter cloth.

3. Filter media temperature

The filter material temperature is also the main factor affecting the operating efficiency of the filter cloth of the filter press. Polyester filter cloth is resistant to high temperatures.

4. The shape of the residue

Whether the filter residue particles are uniform and the shape is hard, to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. The best wear resistance is the stripe filter cloth and the polypropylene filter cloth.

According to your actual requirements, the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is more targeted. It can not only ensure operating efficiency, but also complete the filtering operation, and it has a long service life, which greatly saves your usage costs.



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