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Replacement Process Of Filter Cloth Of Filter Press

Date: 2024-05-21     From: Longding     Author: admin

The filter plate is the main filter element of the filter press, and the filter cloth is the filter medium installed in the filter plate. The filter press filter uses the filter cloth to intercept the particles in the material, forming a filter cake in the filter chamber of the filter plate, and the filtrate is discharged out of the filter chamber through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. The following is the replacement process for the filter cloth of the filter press.

palte and frame filter press cloth

The replacement process of filter cloth of filter press

1. Emptying the material

Empty the material from the filter press and stop the machine, then pull out the filter plate group that needs to be replaced.

2. Power failure

Confirm the power-off equipment and the maintenance content.

3. Atresia

Lock the control switches of the power-off equipment. Lock the emergency stop button of the on-site control cabinet and lock the control cabinet.

4. Removing the filter plate

A. Pull open the filter plate cleaning rack, remove the filter plate chain lock, and place it in the designated position.

B. Remove the filter plate and squeeze the water pipe, do anti-fouling protection, and fix it.

C. Lift the filter plate to the special platform for replacing the filter cloth.

5. Removing the filter cloth

A. Remove the filter cloth binding tape and place it in the designated location.

B. Remove the filter cloth and place it in the designated location.

6. Installing the lining

A. Fasten the backing cloth to the filter plate.

B. Pass one side of the conjoined filter cloth through the center feed hole of the filter plate.

C. Fix and smooth the filter cloth, and use the filter cloth binding tape to tie the edge of the filter cloth.

7. Install the filter plate

Install the filter plate connecting chain and the filter plate squeezing water pipe. Make sure the number of connecting chain links between the filter plates is consistent and there is no twisting.



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