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What Is The Function Of Filter Cloth For Filter Press?

Date: 2024-06-05     From: Longding     Author: admin

The filter cloth of the filter press is attached to the filter plate and is the core of the filter press to achieve solid-liquid separation. Its main function is to intercept solids, and dialysis liquids, and support the filter cake. When the slurry enters the filter chamber, a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter cloth. Then the filtrate passes through the filter cloth quickly, while the filter residue is intercepted on the other side to achieve solid-liquid separation. All solid-liquid separation of filter presses depends on the filter cloth.

palte and frame filter press cloth

The function of filter cloth for filter press

1. Intercepting solids

Filter cloth is vital as a filter press medium to intercept solids. The filter cloth can intercept the mud and sand particles in the sewage, realize solid-liquid separation, and thus achieve the filtering effect. After a period of use, the filter cloth will reduce its ability to fix the filter medium due to wear and tear. Therefore, it needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the filtering effect.

2. Dialysis fluid

During the filter press operation, the filter cloth can filter the liquid. The filtering effect of the filter cloth can prevent impurities from mixing with the filtrate, and after filtering, the solid impurities are separated and concentrated on the filter cloth. If the filter cloth is found to be leaking during use, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time, otherwise it will cause serious environmental pollution.

3. Guaranteed filtering effect

The filtration accuracy of the filter cloth is an important factor related to the filtration effect. Different filter cloth materials have different filtration accuracy. For different filter media, you need to choose the appropriate filter cloth material. During use, the filter cloth also needs to be maintained and maintained, cleaned, and replaced regularly to ensure its surface is smooth and debris-free.



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