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Materials And Performance Characteristics Of Filter Press Filter Cloth

Date: 2024-06-20     From: Longding     Author: admin

The filter cloths commonly used in filter presses are mainly polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, and vinylon filter cloth. The material determines the performance characteristics of the filter cloth.

filter press cloth

Materials and performance characteristics of filter press filter cloth

1. Polyester filter cloth

Polyester filter cloth is resistant to acid, weak alkali, wear, and corrosion, but has poor electrical conductivity. The temperature resistance is generally 130-150℃. Polyester filter cloth is commonly used in pharmaceutical, sugar, food, chemical, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuge, etc. It is the most widely used felt filter material due to its high cost-effectiveness. The surface of polyester long fiber filter cloth is smooth, wear-resistant, and strong. After twisting, the strength is higher and the wear resistance is better, so the fabric has good air permeability, fast water leakage, and easy cleaning.

2. Nylon filter cloth

Nylon fiber is resistant to strong alkalis and weak acids. It has high strength and elongation of 18%-45%. The abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber. However, nylon fiber is easy to change color and should not be exposed to the sun. Nylon filter cloth is often used in rubber, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, etc.

3. Polypropylene filter cloth

Polypropylene filter cloth can be divided into two types: polypropylene short-fiber filter cloth and polypropylene long-fiber filter cloth. Polypropylene filter cloth mainly includes medium-thin type and thick-dense type. Industrial cloth made of polypropylene staple fibers has a fleecy surface and is better at powder filtration and pressure filtration than long fibers. The yarn formed by polypropylene long fibers is smooth. The industrial fabric woven from polypropylene long fibers has a smooth surface and good air permeability.

4. Vinylon filter cloth

Vinylon filter cloth has good wear resistance, strong alkali resistance, good moisture absorption, and is not acid-resistant. The strength and elasticity are lower than that of polyester, and the fabric shape retention is poor. Vinylon filter cloth is a good material used in the rubber industry and is used in the rubber industry with strong alkaline chemicals.



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