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The Function Of Damping Spring Of Circular Vibrating Screen

Date: 2024-04-23     From: Longding     Author: admin

Circular vibrating screens screen materials through the combined action of attachments. The damping spring in the vibrating screen is the buffer device between the box and the support frame, and is an important component that cannot be ignored in the equipment.

steel spring

The importance of the circular vibrating screen spring is mainly reflected in the fact that it withstands gravity and buffers vibration bounces, allowing the material to proceed smoothly without damaging the box. The normal use of the vibrating screen body is protected to a great extent. Damping spring is an important part of the vibrating screen. The damping spring on the vibrating screen is an important component connecting the screen body and the base. It acts as a buffer during the operation of the vibrating screen, allowing material to move forward across the screen without damaging the vibrating screen.

Rubber springs or composite springs are only considered when the circular vibrating screen model is too large or has many layers. When selecting a spring, it should be considered based on the weight of the screen body and the amount of feed carried by the spring. The wire diameter of the spring is selected according to the working intensity conditions, and the number of turns of the spring is selected according to the conditions of the steel. Only the selection criteria for vibrating screen springs can be used to achieve better performance. If a mismatched vibrating spring is used, the motor may burn out or vibrate the casing.

Regularly maintain and replace the vibrator damping spring to prevent the shock absorber from working under pressure for a long time. Helps extend the life of your equipment. Check the sealing degree of the circular vibrating screen frame and screen mesh. In the middle of the screen frame of the vibrating screen there is a sealing strip and a screen body for sealing. Common seals are made of natural rubber and silicone. After a period of use, the seal may become deformed or cracked. Longzhong recommends that users should regularly check the use of seals when using vibrating screens. If damage occurs, it should be replaced in time.



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