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The Selection And Design Of Vibrating Screen Springs

Date: 2024-04-08     From: Longding     Author: admin

Spring can produce large elastic deformation under load and is widely used in various types of machinery. The main functions of springs are to control the movement of equipment, reduce vibration and buffering, store and output energy, and measure force. According to the different loads they bear, they can be divided into four types: tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, and bending springs. The vibrating screen uses cylindrical coil springs.

steel spring

Things to consider when designing vibrating screen springs

The support spring can be a rubber spring or a coil spring, or a composite spring. Generally, friction dampers are also designed in the support device. However, in view of the large internal resistance of rubber springs and composite springs, which has a certain limiting effect on the amplitude when passing through the resonance zone, dampers, and other limiting devices do not need to be designed, and only the cylindrical spiral compression springs need to be calculated and considered.

The spring is required to work under normal load conditions, and the middle diameter is approximately 95mm and the outer diameter is approximately 110mm. The expansion and contraction of the spring is about 0~7mm, and the added load is the mass of the screen box, the mass of the vibrator, and the mass of the material. According to the weight of the eccentric block, the radius of rotation of the eccentric block, and the angular velocity, the excitation force of the spring can be calculated.

The allowable stress of the spring should be determined based on the working conditions. Because the spring works under general load conditions, it can be considered as a Class III spring. Determine the diameter of the spring wire based on strength condition calculations. Calculate the number of turns of the spring based on the stiffness condition. Finally, the spring needs to be checked, and the initial tension, ultimate working stress, and ultimate working load of the spring are calculated respectively to verify whether it meets the requirements. In this way, the design of the vibrating screen spring is completed.



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