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The Function Of Vibrating Screen Rubber Spring

Date: 2024-04-29     From: Longding     Author: admin

Rubber springs can achieve a shock-absorbing effect during the operation of the vibrating screen. Rubber springs have larger internal resistance and lower noise. Compared with metal coil springs, they also have the advantage of being light in weight and can reduce noise. The vibrating screen rubber spring plays an important role in the vibrating screen work. The following are its main functions.

rubber spring

1. Cushions shock and vibration

The rubber spring has a small elastic modulus and has a large elastic deformation after being loaded, which can effectively buffer the vibration impact force generated by the vibrating screen on the entire screen body during the screening process. This buffering effect helps protect other components of the vibrating screen and extends the service life of the equipment.

2. Improve screening efficiency

Choosing a rubber spring of appropriate type and stiffness can ensure that the vibration frequency of the vibrating screen body is moderate and not too high or too low, thereby improving screening efficiency. If the model or stiffness of the rubber spring does not match the equipment, it may cause abnormal vibration frequency, thus affecting the screening effect.

3. Maintain stable vibration frequency

The rubber spring is installed between the base and the frame, and its position is crucial to the vibration frequency of the vibrating screen. The correct mounting position ensures even distribution on the round base. There is a rubber spring at each position, which helps maintain a stable vibration frequency of the entire screen body and ensures the uniformity of the screening process.

4. Reduce noise

Rubber springs have good sound insulation effects and can reduce noise during work. In addition, the rubber spring can effectively reduce the dynamic load of the vibrating screen, thereby reducing the noise level during the operation of the vibrating screen.

5. Environmentally friendly and durable

The production process of rubber springs is pollution-free and is an environmentally friendly product. They have a long service life and are not easy to change shape during use, which not only reduces the generation of waste, but also reduces the cost of frequent replacement of rubber springs.



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