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How To Choose The Acid-Resistant Pump?

Date: 2022-11-02     From: Longding     Author: admin

How to choose the acid pump? First of all, we need to see what acid is transported. The following is to introduce several common acid-resistant pump selection methods.

1. Hydrochloric acid pump

The highest concentration of commonly used hydrochloric acid is 38%. So, basically hydrochloric acid pump with the overflow parts of the material for plastic. But if from the service life, cost performance and other aspects to consider, you can choose FSB fluorine alloy centrifugal pump or CQB-F magnetic pump, the price and performance of these two pumps are satisfactory.

2. Sulfuric acid pump

Sulfuric acid pump is divided into dilute sulfuric acid pump and concentrated sulfuric acid pump. Dilute sulfuric acid pump can choose engineering plastic pump, ceramic pump, or F46 pump, F26 pump. Concentrated sulfuric acid pump can only choose fluorine plastic (F46) pump. Because concentrated sulfuric acid will corrode ordinary engineering plastics, and fluorine plastics will not be corroded. Also note that the density of concentrated sulfuric acid is higher, and the motor power should be paid attention to when the pump is selected. The simple algorithm is shaft power *1.84, which is the shaft power when transporting concentrated sulfuric acid.

3. Hydrofluoric acid by pump

Hydrofluoric acid is very corrosive, it is recommended to choose fluorine plastic magnetic pump (and be sure to change the ceramic parts of this series of pumps to hydrofluoric acid resistant materials).

4. Nitric acid pump

Nitric acid pump is also recommended to use fluorine plastic magnetic pump, and the rubber seal ring should be replaced with PTFE material.

5. Acetic acid pump

Acetic acid is one of the most corrosive organic acids. Ordinary steel will corrode severely in acetic acid at all concentrations and temperatures. Stainless steel is an excellent resistant material to acetic acid. 316 stainless steel containing molybdenum is also suitable for high temperature and dilute acetic acid steam.

6. Sea water pump

Ordinary steel in sodium chloride solution and seawater, salt water corrosion rate is not too high, generally must use coating protection. All kinds of stainless steel also have very low uniform corrosion rate. However, local corrosion may be caused by chloride ions. 316 stainless steel is usually preferred. But the price of stainless steel is high, it is recommended to choose fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, such as IHF chemical centrifugal pump.



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