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What Are The Layout Requirements For Pumps?

Date: 2022-11-03     From: Longding     Author: admin

There are three types of pump layout, outdoor layout, semi-outdoor layout and indoor layout.

Pump layout requirements

1. For open or semi-open layout of the pump, generally make the pump and the prime mover axis perpendicular to the axis of the pipe gallery.

2. For indoor layout of the pump, when the temperature of the conveying liquid is higher than the spontaneous combustion point or the conveying liquid is liquid hydrocarbon, it should be arranged in their own room with other pumps, and separated by firewalls. Pump layout in the room, generally do not consider the passing requirements of motor maintenance vehicles. The net distance between the pump end or the pump side and the wall should not be less than 1.2~1.5m, and the net distance between the two rows of pumps should not be less than 2m.

3. The positioning size on the equipment layout is based on the axis of the pump unit and the center line of the outlet flange. The elevation of the equipment is uniformly represented by the elevation of the lower surface of the pump base. Note: The NPSHa of each engineering company is calculated based on the top surface of the pump foundation, not the elevation of the pump inlet center line. The pump plant NPSHr is based on the pump inlet center line, the difference between the two pump center high.

4. The pump group should be aligned neatly. It is recommended to draw the pump outlet center line.

5. Electrical major and process or layout major should be coordinated in time. When possible, the motor part of the pump should be out of the explosion-proof zone as far as possible to save investment.

6. The pump should be as close as possible to the feeding equipment to prevent a small NPSHa.

7. Steam reciprocating pump power side and pump side should be left out of the piston and rod position.

8. Vertical pump arrangement at the bottom of the pipe gallery or the bottom of the frame, above the pump body should be set aside for installation and maintenance of the space needed.

9. When the pipeline is arranged, at least one side of the pump should be set aside for maintenance.

Pump installation spacing

The clear distance between two pumps should not be less than 700mm, and the width of the front-end operation channel of the pump should not be less than 1000mm. For the multistage pump, the width of the maintenance channel at the front of the pump should not be less than 1800mm. The width of the front end inspection channel of the general pump should not be less than 1250mm, so that the small forklift can pass through.



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