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How To Maintain The Wear Parts Of Slurry Pump?

Date: 2022-11-05     From: Longding     Author: admin

It is necessary to ensure that the component system and piping system is reliable when using the slurry pump. Because some parts are vulnerable parts, it is necessary to carefully observe the wear and tear of vulnerable parts during use, and timely maintenance or replacement.

Wear parts of slurry pump

1. Slurry pump guard plate

The slurry pump guard plate is an important part of the slurry pump, as well as the jacket, impeller belong to the slurry pump flow parts. When the slurry pump is running, the guard plate directly contacts the slurry. The guard plate of slurry pump is scour by the hard points in the high-speed slurry and causes wear, cavitation erosion will also cause the fracture of the guard plate.

2. Slurry pump sheath

Slurry pump sheath is used in the pump body, its role is mainly to protect the pump body from material damage. In the process of use, the jacket will also be worn and corroded by the slurry, cavitation will also cause damage to the jacket. If the pump refrigeration system is not good, the guard plate will also be damaged because of high temperature.

3. Slurry pump impeller

The impeller of slurry pump is an important working part, which is made of cast iron. It is also easily damaged due to manufacturing quality and use. The impeller may have cracks, due to cavitation formation of holes or perforations on the surface, long-term grinding to make the blade thin or partial grinding, and even broken by debris. Some defects can be repaired, some defects cannot be repaired, that is, a new impeller should be replaced.

4. The pump housing of the slurry pump

The shell of slurry pump is usually cast iron, which is prone to crack under the action of mechanical force or thermal stress. When the slurry pump in the work due to the impact of cavitation or in winter did not release the water in the pump shell and frozen, it is also easy to break, such as heavy damage can not be repaired when the replacement of a new pump shell.

5. The pump shaft of the slurry pump

The shaft of slurry pump is usually carbon steel, but it is easy to be damaged due to manufacturing quality, use or installation. Pump shaft may appear cracks, bending, journal wear, thread damage, etc., may also appear fracture accident. If the damage is serious and cannot be repaired, a new shaft should be replaced.

6. The bearing bush of the sliding bearing

The bearing bush of sliding bearing is made of cupri-tin alloy, which has poor wear resistance and is one of the most vulnerable parts to wear and burn. Bearing bush generally can be repaired, also can be replaced with new parts. In addition to the individual parts of the rolling bearing can be replaced, generally the whole part should be replaced.

7. Packing seal

When the slurry pump uses the packing seal, the packing will harden and lose elasticity after a long time, which will make the slurry pump leak and water leakage. Generally, new packing should be replaced.

8. Oil seal

Oil seals are rubber products, easy to wear and aging, generally need to be replaced with new parts.



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